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Huizhou Light Engine Limited (Optiled)

A global pioneer and leader in advanced LED technologies

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  • Phone: +86 752 311 2222
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    No. 9 Yuanhui Road, Chenjiang, Zhongkai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Huizhou, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Light Engine is an innovative lighting manufacturer that has emerged as one of the most respected independent LED lighting suppliers in the industry. The company distinguishes itself by delivering a consistently high level of engineering expertise to design, develop and manufacture world class products comply with various quality standards and regulatory requirements. Through vertical integration, continuous investment in research and development, and superior manufacturing capabilities for customized production, Light Engine has established a market position for bringing the best quality products to the global market.

Light Engine's factory in Huizhou, China, occupying a vast area of 130,000 square meters, is currently one of the largest manufacturing facilities in China totally dedicated to research, design, development, and production of high quality LED lighting products. The four blocks of production buildings provide 68,000 sqm of state-of-the-art manufacturing space with a workforce 1,800 employees focusing totally on the production of LED lighting solutions with a comprehensive range of cutting edge products. The digital manufacturing system is equipped with sophisticated IT infrastructure which generates highly automated work flow assisted by different robotic systems and laser cutting technologies etc. The manufacturing facility is vertically integrated with fabrication abilities for various SKD (semi-knocked down) components such as lenses, metal and plastic etc. Light Engine maintains the highest standards for materials and workmanship in PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) fabrication using the latest ultra-high density Through Hole, Surface Mount (SMT) technologies. The company's superior mechanical engineering capabilities include tool development, high-speed metal stamping, spinning, plastic injection molding, extrusion and fully automated powder coating machine.

Light Engine's reputation has been established on the uncompromised quality and unrivalled reliability of their products. A 2,000 sqm Solid State Lighting Certification & Testing Center provides Light Engine robust design engineering and evaluation capability for design optimization and validation. Product reliability testing facilities that include a life test area, aging testing room, environment reliability test room and an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing room ensure the exceptional quality through the use of superior materials and components that stand the test of time. Photometric measurement equipment includes goniophotometers, 2M integrating spheres, and a semi-anechoic room. Light Engine's product safety testing facilities consist of photobiological safety measurement instrument, flammability testing equipment, photoelectric test rooms, IS spectrum test systems. The fully-accredited central testing laboratory has been recognized by the Energy Star, UL & CE WTDP (Witness Testing Data Program) and Intertek's Satellite Laboratory to ensure compliance with all applicable energy codes and regulatory requirements. The in-house certification and testing capability helps shorten product time-to-market and expedite clients' time-critical projects.

The key to Light Engine's global success has been the company's constant innovation and relentless commitment to R&D. With hundreds of patents to its name and a strong base of optical design, power electronics and mechanical design technologies, Light Engine is today one of the most modernized LED lighting factory in the world. Light Engine produces world-class LED lighting technologies and customer-focused R&D to answer the needs of the industry. Light Engine not only produces its own product design and has hundreds of patents, it also leverages the expertise of associated companies and strategic partners through comprehensive collaboration. Our substantive R&D resources are continuously devoted to bringing innovation and creativity to our customers. Light Engine's R&D center is located at Hong Kong (700 sqm) and it has highly-qualified international teams of optical, electronic and mechanical engineers to foster the latest technology developments and market trends. As a result, Light Engine has succeeded in building a portfolio of exceptionally innovative products.

With aggressive research and development strategies, Light Engine provides advanced, high-performance, high-value and environmentally sustainable LED lighting solutions with a comprehensive range of cutting edge products for a wide range of lighting applications. Light Engine's innovative product portfolio is comprised of LED bulbs equipped with proprietary power electronics and patented optical technology; a wide variety of LED Tube range that fulfills the strictest technical specifications with highest efficiency and quality standards; ultra low-glare LED downlights and with various sizes, lumens outputs and CCT; and CabLED, a patented LED linear strip that combines cable and LED technologies with design innovation to create a product range with superior features and performance. Light Engine  custom builds LED lighting products with tailor-made spectrum for specific applications such as aquarium and horticulture industries. The advantages of color mixing spectrum lighting products offer unique LED custom optics and thermal management design, energy efficiency and robustness, long lifetime and reliable quality. Light Engine is also working towards smart wireless connected lighting which offer a scalable, affordable and easy to install automation lighting solutions compatible with various lighting control protocols.

Optiled is the brand of Light Engine's LED lighting products for an entire range of functional lighting applications.
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